NAME Percy Bailey
BORN c1895
DIED 25 January 1977 age 82
UNIT 13th Battalion
ENLISTED Condobolin 10 May 1916
DISCHARGED Medically unit – Sydney 9 April 1919

Percy Bailey took up a Homestead Farm of 1,396 acres in the Condobolin Land District entering into occupation 19 March 1920.[1] He wanted to use his £625 Advance for Stock and fencing so that he could undertake the raising of sheep and grow wheat. His property was called ‘Summervale’ and was located at Englo near Condobolin.  

On 30 July 1922, he wrote that his crop was a total failure, 

             I have no money and have nothing that will bring an income this year.

Again in 1924, he was unable to make his repayments owing to adverse seasons. An extension was granted on these occasions.

Percy was at one time, working his farm with his brother C. C. Bailey who had the adjoining Settlement Purchase 1920/22. The Conditional Purchase Inspector reported that both men were ‘good types’.[2]  Despite their high standing with the Inspector, their venture together was not successful as the crop they attempted to grow on 360 acres was a failure.[3]

On 2 July 1925, Percy Bailey wrote to Mr M.M. Flannery M.L.A. asking that part of the interest he had paid in relation to his advance be refunded.  He believed that the difficulties he was having on his block were due to it being too small to carry out grazing and too far from the rail to be used successfully for wheat growing.[4]  He had taken up the block with £300 in cash and his Gratuity Bond which was worth £75.  All this money had been used up – either on running the farm or on the continuing medical expenses for himself and his wife.  

His request for a refund of any interest he had paid was refused.[5] Sometime around July 1925, he transferred his farm by sale.  He stated this was due to ill health.[6]


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