NAME Agnes Martha Cairns
MILITARY SERIAL NO. Dependent of deceased soldier

  Address:   Willarong Farm, Caringbah, Sutherland, New South Wales. 

 Agnes Cairns sought financial assistance because she was a deceased soldier’s dependent.

 She outlined her case in a letter to the Prime Minister W.M. Hughes dated 29 March 1921 –

 I am a deceased soldier’s dependent, carrying on pig farming without capital.  I have worked up from two sows to 20 and have had to depend on credit to tide me over some of the difficulties but I must tell you I have worked and often gone hungry to save sufficient money to get feed for my stock and walked two and three miles carrying a couple of bushels of pollard when I had not sufficient cash to purchase it by bag; waiting for a return from some eggs or fowls sent to market.  This is no idle boast as neighbours in my district can verify my statements.  You will naturally conclude I am or must be, a big muscular woman which am far from being, but I have the will power and no money.   What I am to ask will you arrange a loan of 150 for me.  I am prepared to pay a fair interest on same.  If I can not get it I will be obliged to see part of my breeding stock and after all I have struggled through to raise them it would be dreadful for me.  Please advise me at your earliest convenience as I have only to the 3 April to decide as to whether I must sacrifice my stock.  I am quite sure that your influence will do all that is required by me.[1]

 Her request for help appears to have been declined:  ‘unless she was eligible under the Returned Soldiers Settlement Act (1916) that is:  as a returned nurse.  This department (Repat?) (is) not in a position to assist her’.[2]


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[2] Ibid, A.A. Watson to the Hon Prime Minister, 14 April 1921.

Sources used to compile this entry:

State Records NSW:  Lands Department, NRS 8058, Returned Soldiers loan files; [12/7242, No. 7365] Agnes Martha Cairns.