NAME Arnold Phillips Cornwell
BORN Abt. 1884
UNIT Corps. Troops Signal Coy
ENLISTED Lismore 21 October 1916
DISCHARGED Sydney 8 February 1920

Arthur Cornwell had a block of land consisting of 64 acres – a Settlement Purchase No. 1921/8.  The land located near Wilson’s Creek was in the Parish of Toolond, County of Rous.  Cornwell applied for his loan on 24 October 1921.[1]   Cornwell’s land was one of three blocks that had been a part of McCloy’s Estate.  The three blocks were occupied by Arnold Cornwall and his brother and another settler by the name of Mountcastle who was seven acres to grow bananas.[2]  An Inspector judged the block to be far too small to be divided into three as each block was too small to be a designated ‘living area’. [3] Cornwell also believed that his land was not large enough for dairy farming.  Originally he also wanted to grow bananas but his crop was destroyed by bunchy top.

Possibly around the middle of 1922, due to the size of the block which was prevented him not only growing bananas or carrying out dairy farming,  Cornwell abandoned the holding and was living in Queensland.[4]  He was not in constant employment and when working was only earning between £3 – £4 per week.[5]  At this date Cornwell still owed £87.11.11 to the Department of Lands, an amount which was written off.


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