NAME G. Hansen

Little is known about G. Hansen other than he was a returned soldier who applied through his local repatriation committee for a small amount of £35 to purchase furniture.  At the time, he was living near Yerong Creek located about 46 km south west of Wagga. After the request was refused on 7 April 1920, the Honourable Secretary of the Yerong Creek Repatriation Committee, W. Hamilton, wrote to the Director of Soldiers’ Settlements outlining his disapproval that Hansen’s request for funding was declined.[1] Hamilton believed that the availability of such a loan was outlined in a small book titled Repatriation Advance that was given to soldier settlers.[2] 

He went on, ‘If the book was wrong, why was it issued to soldiers misleading them and adding to the discontent so prevalent among them? The soldiers in this district look at the Repatriation Department as a farce (as) it is impossible to get any help.[3]

There is nothing in the loan file to indicate if the decision was changed.


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