NAME Hugh Lennon
BORN Abt. 1894
DIED 1950 Dubbo
ENLISTED Melbourne 15 November 1914
DISCHARGED Melbourne 4 December 1918 – Medically Unfit

Three returned soldiers brothers Alfred Charles Lennon, Hugh Lennon and Charles Don Lennon applied for land from Woodside Estate, located at Bulgandry in the Riverina about 40 miles from Albury –  County of Hume, Parish of Bulgandra,  Urana Land District.

Each of the three men applied for a loan.

On 23 June 1921, Charles Lennon Senior (father of the three men) wrote to Senator Millen enquiry about the delay in his sons obtaining their loans.

I understood when I assumed this liability that each of these returned soldiers would get an advance of £625.  They have spent many months, much cash and lost a lot of valuable time searching for a suitable property….. so in addition to the liability I had already taken on to find the excess money required, I had to finance the boys… to the extent of close on another £1000.

All this hardship, trouble and inconvenience could have been averted if the two branches of Repatriation had some method of co-operating.

You will I am sure admit that taking on farming under the conditions mentioned above is rather disheartening to returned men.[1]

For most of the early years after WW1 Hugh Lennon, was behind in his repayments.[2] On 13 November 1924, he was asked to execute a crop lien.[3]

Before executing the lien Lennon enquired about the Minister’s scheme for terms of repayment that could be extended from 6 to 26 years.[4] No indication in file if this enquiry was answered, although Lennon asked for and was given and extension of time to pay. [5]

April 1925, Lennon had failed to execute a lien and to pursue him for this ‘appeared futile’.[6] His arrears were deferred on 20 March 1927 until 31 January 1927[7].

In 1926, Lennon was in Melbourne receiving treatment for an undisclosed illness.  During that period his block was being looked after by a man called Wedlock.[8]

One of his brothers Charles Don Lennon and ‘another brother (Alfred) were negotiating to purchase Hugh’s block.[9] The property was to be subdivided, the application made 13 March 1928.[10]

8 March 1929, consent to transfer Hugh’s property to his brothers Alfred Lennon and Charles Dan was undertaken.[11]


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