NAME Irene McWhinney
BORN Young NSW 1899
DIED 31 August 1981 – age 82

Irene May McWhinney obtained her holding by transfer from Thomas Roden who had abandoned it.  The block consisted of a little over 43 acres in the Parramatta Land District, Parish of Nelson, and Countyof Cumberland.  It was located at Dural, nine miles from Pennant Hills Railway Station.  The block was transferred to her by way of sale on 16 October 1930.[1]  It was a Settlement Purchase No. 1922/4.

Irene McWhinney did not personally work the holding but share-farmed it with a Mr Hayman and a Mr Smith who was reputed to be her fiancé.[2]   It was also reported ‘that Miss McWhinney is merely a dummy for Smith’.[3]  Hayman was growing a few peas and other crops giving him some money to live on.  It was suggested that the holding be forfeited.  This occurred on 5 September 1932.[4]

There is nothing in the file to indicate if Irene was a Returned Soldier, although as the previous Advance from Thomas Roden was transferred to her also, she could possibly have been. Lands policy in the early years of soldier settlement, determined that if a block was taken up by a returned soldier, then it had to be transferred to another.  Her occupation when she owned the Holding was given as ‘costumer’.  Irene was listed in another file along with many others who had forfeited holdings, as a ‘Returned Soldier’.[5]  [10/12390].


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