NAME Noel Ainslie PATON
BORN Sydney 7 December 1894
DIED 22 March 1956 at 4 Cuzco Street, Coogee, NSW
UNIT 36th Battalion
ENLISTED Sydney 22 May 1915
DISCHARGED Sydney  6 February 1920

 Noel Paton wrote to the Director of Soldier Settlement on 4 November 1919 asking for information about assistance in stocking his property.  He stated that the ‘government was buying him a property costing £3000 as he had 6% deposit.[1] Noel Paton applied for his loan on 9 December 1919 and his block consisted of 500 acres – Portion 78. The block was a Settlement Purchase, in the County of Gipps, Parish of Pullabooka, Land District of Grenfell and was a part of Fairfield Estate.[2]  On 27 February 1920, it appears he was already have financial difficulties as he wrote to the Director of Soldier Settlements asking whether it was possible to obtain cheaper freight for kerosene as the high prices of this was making, ‘it very difficult to carry on.’[3] His fortune seems to have changed to some extent as by 29 March he had repaid the outstanding amount owing for his loan, £348.13.6.[4]

He was not to stay on the property for any length of time however as on 8 August 1921, the Returned Soldier Settlements Branch in Sydney was notified by Thomas Rowston the local Stock and Station Agent,  that Paton had transferred the soldier settlement farm to a Mrs Lewis Hughes.

 Noel Ainslie Paton also served in World War Two.


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